Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fun at Gram and Pop's

Knox has been to Gram and Pop's several different times since he's been born and while he's not quite big enough to stay overnight without his mama like his big sisters do, we still love to go visit everyone and get spoiled by Gram and Pop!  In no particular order, these are a few pics from our last few trips...

the kiddos with Marget and Mama Mac
I'm so thankful they know their great-grandmothers!  What a blessing!

Khloe telling Marget something very important!

I think it's safe to say Marget's pretty proud of her great-grandson!

Telling secrets!
Pop's girl!

Reading with Mama Mac

Gram and Pop with their "grand cuties"

Bath time is always fun at Grams!

We also always try to go see Mac at the nursing home.  The girls like to go because they know he'll share some of his snacks...potato chips & Milky Way.

Khloe singing "Jesus loves the Little Children" to Mac

We are so blessed to live close enough to Gram and Pop that we get to see them fairly often. They are my lifesavers and always willing to help out with the kids when I need them and for that I'm so very thankful. The girls LOVE to go stay at their house and honestly I do too because Gram is really good at spoiling us all! : )  I guess that what Gram's are for though!

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